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Black Veils - 666 Special Leather Internal Edition

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The BLACK VEILS - 666 Special Internal Leather edition is scheduled to ship on October 1st 2017. It will be expanded into a full "vampire codex" from the perspective of the Sabretooth Clan. The Black Veils are known as

Includes will be two books "Coming forth by Day" and "Coming forth by Night" and contains revised and updated content from Sanguinomicon, Vampyre Magick, Purple Veils and Red Veils in one volume.

Forward by Rosemary Ellen Guiley author of "Vampires Among Us."

Vampire Virtues

Coming forth by Day
Pillar 1 – Self-Dynamics
Pillar 2 – Creativity Dynamics
Pillar 3 – Social Dynamics
Pillar 4 – Wellness Dynamics
Pillar 5 – Survival Dynamics
Pillar 6 – Solvency Dynamics
Pillar 7 – Legacy Dynamics

Coming forth by Night
Pillar 1 – Arts of Vampiric Feeding
Pillar 2 – Subtle Anatomy
Pillar 3 – Geography of the Subtle Reality
Pillar 4 – Energy Work
Pillar 5 – Communion
Pillar 6 – Magical Workings
Pillar 7 – The Current